Top 3 Summer Festivals in Puglia

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The Apulian summer is filled with much to do on the cultural calendar, at Living Apulia we wanted to share our top three summer festivals for you to enjoy in 2019 while you are visiting the region. The best festivals include:

Festival Della Valle D’Itria 

  • Where: Martina Franca
  • When: 16 July – 4 August 2019
  • What: The annual classical music and opera Festival featuring musical performances in the Palazzo Ducale and beyong all over Martina Franca. This year operas include Coscoletto, Orfeo, and Ecuba. A perfect evening in the beautiful heart of Puglia.
  • Click here for more info


Life – Alberobello Light Festival 

  • Where: Alberobello
  • When: 20 July – 28 July 2019
  • What: A spectacular annual festival featuring light and music installations all over the famous trulli town of Alebrobello once the sun has set. A magical experience for young and old.
  • Click here for more info including details of the daily schedule


Locomotive Jazz Festival

  • Where: Salento, Puglia – from Taranto and Lecce to Brindisi across various towns
  • When: 23 July – 17 August 2019 
  • What: One of Puglia’s premier cultural events. The Jazz Festival takes place every July in the beautiful provinces of Salento and provides a feast of music for world music, hip-hop and jazz fans to enjoy.
  • Click here for more info and detailed schedule of performances and locations

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