Introducing: Fractional Ownership for Luxury Homes

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Property buyers benefit from a new myriad of models on how to effectively structure the purchase of their Apulian property – based on their requirements and goals.

A very exciting development on the Living Apulia front in 2021 has been that we now offer fractional ownership models for beautifully restored and furnished luxurious Puglia vacation homes.

Our partners in this endeavor are experienced German real estate developers for luxury vacation properties all over Europe with access to real estate investment funds. Together we can offer a cross-functional team of real estate developers, architects, interior designers, and property managers to cater to demanding clients. Co-ownership is true legal ownership meaning you will benefit from the value appreciation of the property.

Trullo Seaview and Masseria Fortezza are two such properties available for sale or fractional ownership model (less investment and more value). You could own 1-4 out of 8 shares which guarantees you access to the fully serviced and managed property for 45 days per year.

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