Thinking of you during Covid 19

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Dear Living Apulia Family,

As we individually face and collectively combat the current global health crisis, warmheartedly we hope that you are well and healthy. All of us are trying to find solutions to effectively keep on living our lives, continue to work, and protect our families and community. We are all in this together from our sacred homes across the world.

Simultaneously Living Apulia is doing its best to continue to operate, connect with all of you, and keep the passion for Puglia alive and thriving.

The first quarter in the Apulian real estate market kicked off with great momentum. Interest and property viewings from an international clientele kept us on our feet from countries like Canada, United States, France, Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

We are making the most out of social distancing and self-isolation by improving Living Apulia’s digital strategy, expanding our business partnerships, and forging new customer relationships through our online communication tools. Once the crisis has been overcome and global travel is permitted again, we hope to introduce you to new and exciting competitively priced properties from across Puglia.

Since the first day we arrived in Puglia, in the heel of the Italian boot, we have been captured by the region’s beauty, simplicity, and free-spirited way of life. Our mission is to continue to share that spark with you by finding new ways to connect to Puglia property dreamers and travelers from across globe.

We are always excited to hear from you, exchange stories, and update you on the latest property treasures…even if they may only be dreams for now!

Please stay safe and healthy.

Lots of Love
The Living Apulia Team

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