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About Living Apulia

Living Apulia, LAP, is a boutique international real estate agency in Puglia, Italy. Our real estate listings are truly unique Apulian properties which have been already renovated or have yet to be realized to their fullest potential. Living Apulia offers properties for sale in Puglia from masserias to trulli, palazzi to seaview villas, and land for building your dream home. We personally handhold you through the entire buying process. Our international clientele relies on us for our local expertise and hand selected trusted partners (architects, developers, geometre, English speaking international tax accountants and lawyers) who will make your property dream come true. We also offer a selection of luxury holiday villas to rent for those of you exploring Southern Italy.

The Pesch Family

The Pesch family discovered their love for Puglia, Italy in 2006. German by origin, we have been fortunate to have enjoyed decades of traveling the globe and lived across Europe, South Africa, and the USA. When we discovered our never ending love for Puglia we committed to living in Southern Italy all year round. International real estate is in our DNA, with generations of experience, and so we bring our passion and expertise to Apulia, Italy.

We hope that the Apulian way of life brings you as much happiness as it does to us, savoring the simple pleasures in life. Our values are rooted in the appreciation for Puglia’s ancient fruitful land, sustainable living, and cultural history.

Klaus, Alexandra, Katharina and Henry Pesch


Alexandra Pesch


Alexandra is a local real-estate connoisseur, Puglia lover, and connector, with a vast fountain of knowledge who speaks six languages, and is the energetic captain of our ship. Her passion for style, interior design, landscaping, architecture, real estate is the original inspiration of our business – LAP. Alex is a dedicated Apulia Aficionado working daily to bring the historically rich and undiscovered beauty of Apulia to life. She is the Don’s soulmate and is slowly but surely becoming the local historian amongst the ancient olives trees dreaming of masserias.

Email: alexpesch@livingapulia.com

Henry Pesch


Henry Irwin Pesch is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer with an incredible eye for beauty. In 2012 Henry founded his digital production business called H.I.P. Films in Apulia, Italy. Henry specializes on the creation of striking content, through photo and video production, for travel and luxury brands. Henry has been the driving force and content creator of Living Apulia and brings his ambition for creating a digital business that exemplifies the essence of life in Apulia. You can view and buy a selection of Henry’s photography at HIP Photoworld.

Email: hip@livingapulia.com

Klaus Pesch


Claudio, aka “Il Grande Don” is an experienced Apulia traveler, explorer, charismatic social connector, connoisseur of food and wine, and antique market lover who continuously brings innovative ideas to Living Apulia. Claudio is a jack of all trades to say the least. He knows all the people in all the right places, and everyone he meets is an equally matched friend. Ask him about motorcycles, old-timers, cheeses, wine makers, butchers, cobblers, or Italian tailors, Claudio has an answer. You will come across Claudio and his larger than life character across our pages in LAP.

Katharina Pesch


Katharina Pesch lives in New York City and is the business manager of Living Apulia, the calm and cool advisor in all critical situations helping guide the practical side of the business. During the day time Katharina is a C-suite business leader with a passion for digital transformation. Additionally, a co-founder of a leading London-based B2B publishing and event management business in the media and advertising industry, she brings over 15 years of experience from the world of publishing, marketing, and business management.

Email: katharina@livingapulia.com

What Our Customer's Say

  • Through the team at LAP I have found my dream home in the Valle d'Itria. What was intended as a one-off holiday in a region of Italy I had never visited has now become my second home that I cannot live without.

    John S.
  • We had one of our most memorable holidays in Apulia thanks to the team of Living Apulia and their in-depth knowledge of the region, amazing recommendations for places to stay, but also visit and explore. Thank you.

    Nicole M
  • I have been coming to Puglia for the last ten years and with every visit I have found another beautiful masseria to rent, always suitable to my needs and within my budget. LAP is great at providing a personalized service to help find you exactly what you are looking for.

    Ashley M.
  • "I viewed 40 houses with 6 different brokers across Apulia. I made offers on 2 different homes. Both those home were shown to me by the Living Apulia team. They understood what I was looking for and found my dream home."

    Dianne L.
  • Living Apulia organized us the most fabulous villa to stay in near Ostuni. It was breathtaking; so comfortable and they had thought of everything. A truly peaceful spot set amongst the olive groves with a stunning view of Ostuni up in the hills. Heavenly pool and amazing sun beds. One of the most fabulous villas that we have ever stayed in.

    Georgie H.N.



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