Henry’s discovery of the magical Apulian landscape

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The Apulian landscape is by far the most versatile and memorable landscape we have discovered to date. One minute your are dining underneath olive trees, the next you find yourself ploughing the rich red earth, while the wind whispers to you and the sun shines on your face. The sky is constantly turning its colors from reds, oranges, extreme blues, to greens while the nights are filled with clear stars as far as the eye can see. This is a dreamers heaven and a nature explorers paradise.

Nature, landscape, flowers, wild trees of every kind imaginable cross your eye here. They deliver a form of peace and strength with a healing power that leaves one feeling better every day. As a young aspiring photographer my eye never stops looking and catching new things. When we fist discovered Puglia, I would have hardly thought I would be ducking down in my backyard taking pictures of the soil. Ladies and gentleman but there you have it, the soil here is incredible. It’s like a dried up oil painting where you find hundreds of different species and leaves upon it.

Spring 2016, was wonderful here. By far one of the best times to come to Apulia. March until end of May is sheer pleasure. Look at how those flowers are coming to life, how the ploughing has paid off, with a soil looking so good and dark red, I would almost have it for dinner. My friend once said, “the trees, the trees, Henry the power is all within the lifeblood of the trees”, when he quoted that sentence on the Floridian beach I grew up on I thought, “Man, what is this guy on?” He was right. Look at these olive trees. They are centuries old. They have stories to tell. They came here before us. They might just outlive us. They bring us gold liquid to add to our food…

To make the most out of your olive oil you need to carefully cut them and plough your land throughout the year. We never touch chemicals of any kind when it comes to our harvest, and fortunately most of the producers do not either. Apulians love their land. I rise at dawn everyday here to make the most out of my time. When that sun rises I always believe I am the first to wake up. They say “the early bird catches the worm”, but these Apulian glow worms are out before me. The entire region is one giant garden. You hear them with their little Apes driving to their gardens, opening their gates, working the land. You never see them. You think people maybe do not work in the Italian South…They do work like crazy.

My name is Henry Irwin Pesch, I am a young aspiring entrepreneur, filmmaker, photographer, videographer and actor. I love to help my family make their dreams and visions come true. My father, a.k.a. “Don Claudio”  taught me how to photograph since traveling the African desert when I was 7 years old, and one day I hope to be a professionally sought after photographer. If you like discovering rare beauty that is protected, Apulia is the place for you.

Enjoy #LivingLaDolceVita

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