Welcome to our selection of private properties to buy in Apulia. LAP primarily focuses on a collection of historic buildings for sale as they symbolize the protected beauty that Puglia stands for and thus make them rare landmarks found throughout today’s modern world. There are however a diverse group of homes to be found all over the region adapting different building techniques, styles and telling historically rich stories.

Masserias, which are farmhouses built from the 16th-19th centuries, are typically found to contain main living quarters, a trulli compound, a chapel, stables, rich sheltered citrus gardens and large parcels of land featuring the signature red Apulian earth with native olive trees and wheat fields. It is exactly these types of dream homes that are Alexandra’s favorite “beni immobili”.

The villas and villetas that we offer are mainly built in the 19th century and often served as summer retreats for the Italian city dwellers. The palazzi on the other hand tend to originate form the 17th century onwards and were an important asset of wealthy families’ countryside estates. In unique cases we also offer apartments to buy within palazzi.

Finally, to the most famous Apulian symbol of them all, we offer “trulli homes” which are natively built stone homes, with a cone shaped roof, originally built for farmers and smaller families and in singular form referred to as “trullo”. You will discover many “trulli” throughout Valle D’Itria, which have given rise to high demand from an international clientele that has fallen in love with this region.

No matter how big or small your dream may be, we have a vast hand-selection of properties waiting to be discovered. We also offer land, with or without seaview, on which you can build. It does not matter what condition your home is in, or what vision you have for your Apulian home, with our property service offering, LAP is happy to assist you – from initial point of interest, purchase, property development, and permit expansion to interior and exterior design and build. For particular viewings and further interests please go to our “Contact Us” page or directly email



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