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About LAP olive oil

Made in Apulia, Italy

The first recorded Apulian olive discovery occurred in the New Stone Age in 5,000 B.C.

Today, Apulia, located in Southern Italy, boasts approximately 60 million olive trees which accounts for 50% of Italy’s olive oil production and 12% of world production.In order to protect this historical environment, the Regional Council of Apulia has enforced strict laws that protect its millennia old olive trees.The delicious tasting, deeply green golden Living Apulia 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of an early hand-picked harvesting process having taken place in the last week of October and throughout November 2015. For our most recent harvest this has yielded us to almost no acidity at 0.2% – why is this so important to us? The lower the percentage of oleic acid, the higher the quality of the olive oil.The three different types of olive varieties found within your olive oil are called “Ogliarola” “Cellina di Nardò” and “Cornale”. The moment our olives are harvested they are brought to the “frantoio” (the pressing mill) close to our town of Ceglie Messapica. We deliver our olives to the Ephifani family who own a stone pressing mill for 3 generations. The olives are pressed within 24 hours of arrival at the mill – turning the little green and dark purple fruit into pure gold.

The final resulting flavor is sweet yet delicate, slightly nutty with a spicy kick that leaves you craving for more. Olive oil is a lifestyle, it is a necessary ingredient in every Italian meal and you can buy it directly from us at Living Apulia.

We ship our extra virgin olive oil to the US and any European country. Please enquire directly for delivery times and prices at info@livingapulia.com .


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